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A lovely wee ice cream and sweetie shop in Stonehaven serving up delicious scoops of ice cream, desserts, sweeties and hot drinks. 

Stewart Sutherland.
The man behind every scoop.

We work with our key supplier 'Stew 'n' Drew's' to create luxury ice cream in a variety of flavours.  Hailing from Hopeman, we share a belief that great ice cream should always use fresh, high quality and local produce.


Our coffees are supplied by our good friends in Glasgow, Dear Green.

They tick all the buzzwords. Ethical, sustainable, freshly roasted and delicious. 

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We do everything we can to ensure sustainability. Because you and our planet are worth it. 

Tubs, spoons, sundaes are all sustainably packaged. A new ice cream cabinet reduces energy consumption and we've even managed to reduce our weekly waste by one entire commercial bin load each week!


Toppings are always included and dogs are always welcome.

Because four feet or two, everyone deserves a scoop.

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